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      Hainan Qinfu Foods Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2007which was wholly invested & Owned by Hainan Qinfu Industry Co.,Ltd.a Key “Dragon Head” Agriculture Industrialization Enterprise in Hainan Proud of having more than 20 years tilapia aquaculture experienceHainan Qinfu Industry Co.,Ltd. boasts the largest farming in scalethe highest standardization leveladvocating environmentally-friendly conceptadhering to sustainable development and promoting organic tilapia aquaculture.Qinfu Foods is a modern aquatic processing plant that vertically integrates tilapia aquacultureprocessing and salesand the only one that owns the largest tilapia aquaculture farms in Hainan,--- a tropical pristine international tourism island. Relying on abundant self-farmed raw material tilapiagathering experienced elites in aquatic processing industrybeing equipped with state-of-art facility and precision instrumentsQinfu people can ensure our customers food safety and qualitywhile managing the traceability from aquaculture to table with implementing the highest quality standard for exportsetting up and complying
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