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    The laboratory of Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. was built in 2009 with the company and successfully passed the ISO/IEC17025 national laboratory accreditation in May 2012. There are currently 6 professional testing personnelmainly responsible for microbiological testing of aquatic products produced by the companyas well as testing of various drugs and toxic and harmful residues. Currentlymore than 20 projects can be tested on a daily basis.

    The central laboratory covers an area of 150 square meters and is equipped with functional areas such as microbiological testing areasterile roomphysical and chemical testing areadisinfection and cleaning area according to testing requirements. The laboratory is equipped with advanced experimental instrumentswhich can meet the testing needs of the company's daily production. The laboratory strictly conducts microbiological testing in accordance with GB/T 4789-2008using universal ELISA for drug residues and toxic and harmful substancesand can perform relevant testing on each batch of raw materials and finished products. Sampling and testing of raw materialsauxiliary materialssemi-finished productsand finished products; To ensure that there are detailed specifications for workers' hand washing and disinfectionclothing hygieneprocessing waterprocessing equipmentworkshop airetc.and to effectively achieve batch testing and individual clearanceso that each product meets the standard requirements. At the same timeunder the supervision and guidance of the Quality Control Departmentrelevant departments cooperate and coordinate with each other to jointly ensure product quality.

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