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Hainan Qinfu Industrial Co.,Ltd has been awarded ASC Certificate
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  Hainan Qinfu Industrial Co.Ltd has been awarded ASC Certificate
  Wenchang Xiwei Jinshan Zhou Qinfu Tilapia Farmbelonging to Hainan Qinfu Industrial Co.ltd was awarded ASC certificate on Dec.112015which will further stabilize our product position in Europe and America market.
  ASC certificate does not only have strict requirement in product qualitybut also focuses on ecological environment protection in aquaculture water areabiological diversityanimal welfareemployee benefit and so on. MeanwhileASC certificate also becomes to be a guider in this field.
  Hainan Qinfu Industrial has supported and actively engaged in ASC project jointly carried out by WWF and CAPPMA since ASC standard came to China in 2012The company finally got ASC certificate after two years hardworkingwhich greatly helps Hainan Qinfu enter into Europe and America market and further drives China tilapia industry’s healthy and sustainable development.




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