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Zhou Qinfu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qinfu Foods, visited Credit China
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  In 1985the slogan of "Developing Hainan Island" was just shouted. Zhou Qinfuless than 20 years oldresolutely came to Hainan with his bags. He was ready to lay a commercial footprint here. OccasionallyZhou Qinfu learned about the value of tilapia farmingand opened his tilapia farming career after a re-examination. More than twenty years have passedand now Qinfu Food has developed into the largest export enterprise of tilapia in Europe. Zhou Qinfu said at most one word that he was diligentrich and resourceful. This is also the enterprise culture of Hainan Qinfu Foodwhich runs through the hearts of the diligent and wealthy people from beginning to end.
  Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. was founded in August 2007. It covers an area of 50000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of more than 35000 tons. It is a modern aquatic food enterprise integrating feed salesaquacultureprocessing and domestic and foreign trade. It is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization jointly recognized by eight ministries and commissions. Its main products are frozen tilapia. Slicesstrips of frozen tilapiaetc.

  On the spot of the program recordingZhou Qinfu introduced to Deng Lijuanthe famous host"Diligencewealth and morality" is his business philosophy. He devoted all his energies to the development of enterprisesthe interests of employees and the prosperity of farmersand always maintained a high entrepreneurial passion and enterprising spirit.
  Asked about the characteristics that entrepreneurs should possessZhou Qinfu said that as an entrepreneurfirst of allwe should have courage and courage. Secondlyin the process of entrepreneurshipwe should recognize a goal and a direction to move forwardwhich requires a firm belief. At the same timethere are essential differences between entrepreneurs and businessmen. Entrepreneurs focus on the long-termwhile businessmen focus only on the currententrepreneurs are driven by great dreamsmoney for him is only a numberthat number represents the value of his life.
  Over the past 30 years in HainanZhou Qinfu has gone from an individual fish farmer to an expert farmer entrepreneur. Zhou Qinfu has realized the only complete industrial chain management enterprise in Hainan Province that has a large-scale tilapia farming base and integrates feed supplyaquaculture processingexport trade and agro-eco-tourism.
  With the continuous development and growth of enterprisesthe company has developed overseas markets such as the United Statesthe European UnionRussiaMexicoCanadathe Middle EastAfricaCosta RicaChile and actively created its own brand. And in March 2018the brand of the enterprise obtained the "Hainan Industrial Enterprise Brand Cultivation Pilot Demonstration Enterprise"which demonstrates the comprehensive strength of the company's brand.
  Zhou Qinfu finally emphasized in the program that the foundation of an enterprise lies in quality and innovationwhile Qinfu Foodas an enterprise established for more than 30 yearshas quite high-quality enterprise characteristics. At the same timehe called on the Chinese people to change their eating habits of live fish. For aquatic productsfrozen fish treated are cleaner and healthierand have higher nutritional value.

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