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Ugandan delegation visited Zambian Chang tilapia standardized culture technology in Qiongong
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  WenchangMay 9 (Reporter Ren Tong) From May 6 to 8a delegation of Uganda's ambassador to China visited Qiongzhou. The delegation visited Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd.a key national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hainan Provincefocusing on its standardized tilapia culture technology. It is reported that the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation on the construction of tilapia standardized breeding base.

  In Maythe delegation of Uganda Ambassador to China and Hainan Blue Water Green delegation conducted in-depth research on Tilapia seedling incubation and breeding baseseedling breeding basecommercial fish breeding basehigh-density and high-efficiency breeding test basetilapia acquisition and sorting centermodern deep processing production lineinternational standard testing laboratoryproduct research and Development Laboratory of Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. Tilapia industry chain links. The delegation affirmed the testing equipment and technology of its International Standard Testing Center.

  Uganda has many riverslakes and wetlandsaccounting for about 18-20% of Uganda's total land area. At the same timeUganda has a good investment environment and favorable investment policies. Amb. Chrispus KiyongaAmbassador of Uganda to Chinagreatly appreciated the development of tilapia industry in Chinaaffirmed Hainan's modern large-scale standardized aquaculture base and the high-level development of Wenchang aquaculture industry. It is hoped that the cooperation between China and Uganda in fisheries industry can be promoted and the production technology of Uganda's local fisheries can be improved.

  It is understood that Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. has a large-scale tilapia breeding base in Hainan Province. It is a "national standardized breeding demonstration base" and "national export food safety demonstration base". It integrates feed salesbreedingaquatic processingimport and export trade.

  Before the end of the inspectionthe Ugandan delegation and Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation between China and Uganda on the construction of tilapia standardized breeding base.

Source: South China Sea Network

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